What next?

I’ve been adrift all day, now that I don’t have a couple of half finished quilts draped accusingly around the house. So time to start thinking about what next? A few ideas have been playing around in my head but they might need to wait a little longer as a couple of weeks ago we had an unexpected wedding in our family – my brother-in-law and sister-in-law got hitched courtesy of Elvis in Las Vegas without telling anybody! It seems a quilt would make a perfect wedding present.

I’m toying with:

  • Appliqued hearts
  • A take on ‘wedding ring’ – I wouldn’t attempt to do this design allover as I don’t think my quilting abilities are proficient enough to carry it off, I’d do just two interlocked rings as a central motif
  • Appliqued word(s) ‘Love me tender’? (again would probably be just one in the middle)
  • Also thinking about trying the ‘quilt-as-you-go’ method, mainly because I sruggled with the quilting on the last quilt I did and that was only single bed sized, plus I’d like to have a go at something other than straight line quilting and I’m just too nervous to try free motion on a full size quilt

I think I’ll sleep on it.


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