This Little Monkey…


… loves to clown around!

I googled for an easy to make fabric flower to finish off this little feller, and I found the perfect tutorial on Pink Paper Peppermints It was really easy to do  and just what I was looking for.

So far during my frantic weekend of sewing I’ve finished off this monkey; the rest of the monkeys (there are 12 altogether) are just needing buttons sewing on for their eyes, and also I finished the binding on the cot quilt and washed it.

Loads more to do – I’m still optimistic at this point that I’ll get Brandon’s monkey quilt finished in time for the birth of his sister (baby is definitely arriving on Monday as mum is booked in for a C-section).

Original monkey quilt designed by Patchwork Pottery


Version 2


I’ve completed the top for the quilt which is to replace the one I thought may be too boyish.

I used pretty much the same pattern as the quilt I made for Molly, along with most of the leftover fabric (with a few new fabrics thrown in). I believe Claire, my daughter-in-law, will prefer this version. Mainly because after three and a half years of dressing our grandson, Brandon, I think she’ll be looking forward to having a bit of fun with more ‘feminine’ colours and fabrics. Hope that doesn’t sound too sexist.

I’m thinking I’ll get some more of the light green with pink parasols for the backing. And I’m even contemplating having a go at proper binding rather than self-binding with the backing fabric. Not too sure I’m up to it yet.

I made a big effort to improve the accuracy of the piecing; carefully cutting the pieces and using my new quarter inch foot for more uniform seams. In spite of this there are still some botched joins, although overall it’s an improvement. I can only assume that with practice it will all fall into place.

Back in the land of the living


I haven’t felt up to posting recently as I’ve been recuperating after an operation. But well on the mend now! One of the advantages of slacking on the sofa is that I got the opportunity to finish of my second quilt.

I made this using the pretty much the same techniques as the first one (diamond quilting and self-binding). It was intended for another grandchild I have on the way (expected in July) and from the start I was intending for it to be unisex. But I now have doubts and think that it’s ended up looking pretty boyish. I think it wasn’t too bad until I foolishly added a light blue pattern fabric as the backing (and the binding). What was I thinking?

Anyway as Sod’s law will have it I’ve since found out that the future arrival is a girl. So I’m thinking I’ll start over using more girly fabrics and put this one into storage until the next baby boy enters our lives. Anybody got any good tips for safely storing quilts?