All done!


I can’t believe I got it finished in time!


Coincidentally the book with the quilt pattern has finally arrived (Quilts Baby! )! Although it was too late to help me make this quilt I was very keen to see how my method of construction compared to Laurraine’s. Apart from the ears which I did exactly the same, I put my monkeys together in a completely different way. I won’t go into details here as I know Laurraine would rather you bought the book :-). There are loads of inspirational projects in this book and all come with encouragement to improvise on the patterns, which is exactly what I hope I’ve achieved with my monkeys.

In any case I’ve had loads of fun personalising these monkeys with characteristics that will hopefully appeal to our grandson Brandon.


Monkey Quilt – Top Finished


Phew! Just finished the top of the monkey quilt – meet the rest of the monkeys. I’m absolutely bushed now, but can only stop for a short while. I need to get on with making the quilt sandwich and quilting. No rest for the wicked!

Monkey Quilt Top

Monkey Quilt Top

Original monkey quilt designed by Patchwork Pottery

This Little Monkey…


… loves to clown around!

I googled for an easy to make fabric flower to finish off this little feller, and I found the perfect tutorial on Pink Paper Peppermints It was really easy to do  and just what I was looking for.

So far during my frantic weekend of sewing I’ve finished off this monkey; the rest of the monkeys (there are 12 altogether) are just needing buttons sewing on for their eyes, and also I finished the binding on the cot quilt and washed it.

Loads more to do – I’m still optimistic at this point that I’ll get Brandon’s monkey quilt finished in time for the birth of his sister (baby is definitely arriving on Monday as mum is booked in for a C-section).

Original monkey quilt designed by Patchwork Pottery